an Expose by Jean-Pierre Chevalier

Jean-Pierre Chevalier, a leading authority on genetic medicine, is the consummate “insider,” capable of rendering the tragedies of modern medicine with scholarly aplomb. An accomplished scientist, whose pioneering work on cellular growth control led to the discovery of important cancer genes, more effective modes of gene delivery, and new designer medicines, Jean-Pierre Chevalier stands alone as a transpicuous voice crying out in the wilderness, a stalwart social critic, and a patient advocate par excellence. As his work ushers in the medicines of the future, his stories gleam as a treasure for the ages.


In this stunning work of contemporary fiction, Chevalier has succeeded in illuminating one of the unspeakable tragedies of our age: the exploitation of illness. Rendering the depravity and misfeasance of our modern-day temples of medicine with scholarly aplomb, this gripping narrative chronicles the journey of an inspired physician and an intrepid biophysicist as they strive against all odds and obstacles to develop the world’s first effective targeted, injectable gene delivery system—the coveted holy grail of genetic medicine.

It is a time in history when terminal cancer patients languish on the chain of failed expectations while medical institutions, academic research centers, and giant pharmaceutical companies struggle in unison against the rising tide of genetic medicines in a misguided effort to maintain the authority and applications of their loathsome poisonous treatments.

Written with the passion of a patient advocate and the omniscience of an astute insider, and set against the bleak and timely backdrop of clinical pathos, Sarcophagus is a compelling journey of discovery and descent into the netherworld of modern medicine as it stands poised at the threshold of history.