Post Lux II

“The Unbearable Sadness of Zilch”

by Konrad Ventana

New Novel Investigates the Loss of Beauty and Inspiration in Hollywood Neo-noir

LOS ANGELES, Calif., November 17 — From the very first page, to the final departing scene, The Unbearable Sadness of Zilch by Konrad Ventana is a riveting narrative that shines a detective’s flashlight into the darkest of reaches of the human mind. Only this time it is not the usual hard-boiled Private Detective who is called upon to find some hidden Truth, it is the philosophical practitioner or “Perspicuous Eye” who is called upon to find the lost Beauty. In this second book release, Ventana takes the reader behind the curtains into the fabulous theatrical world of Hollywood’s most accomplished movie moguls, who are striving to embrace the ultimate sources of their creativity, while they struggle with their own psychological demons.

“No one is innocent … not in this town. In this town, the apocalypse has come and gone, lifting the veil of innocence like a great velvet curtain in an old movie house, where the only victims that don’t return for the sequel are the gods themselves, struck out long ago by the big blue pencil. In this town, every man, woman, and child takes the limits of his or her own field of vision to be the limits of the world. Without the lamplights of fate that flicker in a constant state of anxiety through yonder movie reels, the collective vision would be blacker than the slate of a director’s clapboard, suffused with a pessimism that goes far beyond film noir, far beyond existential anguish, far beyond the pale of postmodernism to the very crux of the loneliness, dread, and despair that is the wretched birthright of the descendent species.”
Not since Nathanael West’s The Day of the Locust and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Last Tycoon has Hollywood and the motion picture industry been seen in such a bold and illuminating light. Brimming with sexual intrigue, eye-widening spectacle, and a host of recognizable characters, this latest release by Konrad Ventana sets a new standard of relevance and transcendence in postmodern literary fiction as it raises the bar for visual special effects (VFX). A must-read for anyone who loves Hollywood stories, mystery novels, and classic literature, although the ultra-contemporary setting of this astounding new novel feels like it all happened just yesterday.

A compelling work of social criticism, The Unbearable Sadness of Zilch is a treatise on existentialism, modernism, and the emergence of a radical new brand of feminism: the feminist provocateur. Set in Hollywood Neo-noir, and guided by an intrepid philosophical counselor (or life coach), we investigate The Lost Love of the Latest Tycoon, examining the role of the muse, the magnificent intemperate impulses of the femme fatale, and the allure of the casting couch, as we witness the fall of an empire in the twilight of the egoists. Blazing with eye-opening drama, keen psychological and insights, and layers of literary pyrotechnics, not to mention VFX, the reader is at once awed and entertained by this post-lux piece de resistance.

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