Rise, Rise, Dark Horses of American Noir

A Postmodern Mystery

Recently drummed out of a prestigious local university and its forensic research laboratory for blowing the whistle on some so-called pillars of the community, Dr. Cornell Westerly is a promising forensic scientist with a brand-new diploma and a California license plate. He’s an apprentice crime scene investigator in need of a steady job to pay the rent.

Westerly, an expert in DNA analysis, finds that opportunity with Detective Dash Brogan of the Los Angeles Police Department, a man steeped in the hardboiled, old-school police procedurals of bygone times. Together, they take on one of the most heinous unsolved crimes of the past century.

Rise, Rise, Dark Horses of American Noir follows this young, fresh-out-of-college protégé as he braves the notorious mean streets of the City of Angels in search of redemption, love, and forensic truth. In blending the innocence of youth with the verve, grit, and pluck of the classic crime novel, author Konrad Ventana pays homage to the dark horses American noir—Chandler, Hammett, Woolrich, and Spillane—while exploring the uncharted depths of human depravity.